Download the free to print-and-play board game files.

“Don’t afraid to take on things that you don’t have experience in. That’s how you learn and grow”

Susona, Young co-researcher, Balsall Heath

Downloadable Files

Download Climania:
A4 Printer-Friendly Colour Version

Individual files provided below:

Ideally you should print the board as an A2 file:

Coming Soon:
A4 Printer-Friendly Black and White Version

You can currently print the Colour Files in Grayscale and play the game. We are working on a black and white friendly vesion for players without access to colour printers.

Be part of the research!

Printing the Game at Home

The game files are set up to be printed on a standard A4 colour printer. We advise you to use thicker paper (100 gms or more) if possible, especially if you wish the game to last longer. You will have to cut out the question cards and retrofit components yourself.

Do you want to print a professional copy?

You want a professional copy?

We are working with a professional board game printers in Nottingham to provide an opportunity for interested individuals or organisations to purchase a professionally printed board game.

Please email us so we can give you the refence number of the order. Hayman Creative have the print files on hold and will be able to provide you with a quote depending on how many game you would like to print.

Hayman Creative Limited, Fineprint House, Hooton Street,
Nottingham NG3 2NJTelephone: 0115 844 0122

Any questions about the board game files?


“The project helped me to understand the amount humans use on a daily basis on waste of energy etc, could be reduced to help our climate. My main takeaway is that we could come together to come up with solutions to help the world we live in! The final game was fun, engaging and most importantly educational about climate change.” 

Anam, young co-researcher, Balsall Heath

CLIMANIA by Simeon Shtebunaev and Claudia Carter at Birmingham City University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License based on the work published at

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